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DTE Energy Company Employees

DTE Energy is one of Michigan’s leading corporate citizens, so we’re proud to cater specifically to DTE employees. We know that DTE Energy values all their employees—even when they retire. And we love that DTE offers the DTE Alumni Network for retirees to connect with former coworkers and find ways to get involved in volunteer work with a community you’re familiar with. 

Because we work with so many DTE employees, we believe you can trust that we know what we’re doing when it comes to your financial and retirement planning. We’re familiar with how your corporate-sponsored retirement plan works and can’t wait to help you maximize the opportunities you have available to you after a long, dedicated career in the energy industry.

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Center for Wealth Management is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with DTE Energy.


Engineers are some of our favorite professionals to work with. You’re smart, tech-savvy, and know much more about scientific and complex mathematical formulas than we do. One reason we love working with engineers so much is because we’re both problem-solvers. We combine our financial problem-solving skills with your intellect and ingenuity to reach your goals. 

We work with a broad base of engineers, so we’re familiar with common problems engineers face in their financial planning and preparation for retirement. We know that as a problem-solver, you aren’t daunted by complex situations that require quick, outside-the-box thinking.

Planning for retirement and managing money anxieties requires complex solutions of a different nature. We’ll help you navigate the chaotic world of fluctuating stock markets, nuanced investment decisions, and plan for having enough money to last your lifetime. 

When it comes to retirement planning, it’s time to partner with other professional problem-solvers so that you can work towards a retirement that is nothing but relaxing and enjoyable (although we know you’ll be spending most of it tinkering in the garage or teaching college classes to fresh-faced, eager engineering students).

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Pre-Retirees and Early Retirees

We primarily serve pre-retirees and early retirees. Our focus on individuals who are close to or just entering into retirement allows us to prioritize your unique needs. You’ve spent decades saving for this exciting moment, and you may have new questions such as:

  • Do I need to reposition my investments?
  • Where will I pull my income from?
  • How much monthly income do I need to live comfortably and make my savings last?

We help you answer these questions and feel confident as you make this exciting transition. We’ll regularly review your situation to make sure you’re on track with your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Read a case study about how we helped a variety of clients with decisions such as when to retire, navigating the decision to downsize, and how receiving an inheritance can impact financial plans.

Young Professionals

Young professionals are the rising stars in the next generation of the workforce. As you start to advance in your career or enter the exciting world of successful entrepreneurship, it’s important that you start saving now and manage your money skillfully so your future prospects remain as bright as ever.

We know you might have concerns about saving enough for retirement. We know that the future of Social Security benefits are causing anxiety for professionals of all ages. And we know you’re probably reckoning with (or recovering from) massive amounts of debt from student loans, car payments, or credit card bills left over from your college days.

Wherever you are in your financial journey, building a strong foundation early on can only lead you to a more successful future. We at Center for Wealth Management are not just focused on asset management. We want to help you take on your current financial challenges, plan for the future, and help to maximize your savings by investing in ways that are smart and safe for your current situation.

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