Investment Philosophy

Client Centered

Client Centered

Our Investment Philosophy is simple: We help you determine how you can work towards reaching your goals through strategy and problem-solving. We get to know you as a person so that we can design your portfolio specifically to your needs. Your portfolio will never look the same as the next guy’s.

We don’t use technology to control portfolio design. Technology is great and does help assist our management, you can have confidence that we’re the ones managing your money, not a robot.

Below, we’ve listed our 5 Core Beliefs that make up our Investment Philosophy.

Core Beliefs

  1. Active management can improve portfolio results by reducing risk or increasing returns.

  2. A static benchmark to measure your investment outcomes should be established at the beginning of our relationship and adhered to throughout.

  3. Buying and holding is better than speculating and gambling.

  4. Selecting investments and solutions should always take into consideration potential risk, returns, and fees (along with other metrics that we’ll explain in detail when we meet you). 

  5. Minimizing fees is important, and it should not be the only consideration.

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